Simply Runderful - 500 km in 5 days

Lucja and Marina are two young females who attempt to run 500 km in 5 days in a self-organised challenge. While pushing their bodies to the limits they constantly fight with pain balancing between endurance and reaching the breaking point. Neither of them had ever run such a long distance before. Organisation and planning are crucial to make it successful, but not everything goes as it had been planned. Would they manage to accomplish their 500 km in 5 days challenege? 

Arty Anne - photography from the perspective of a visually impaired photographer

“Arty Anne” is a short documentary about visually impaired photographer Anne Dignan. Anne’s involvement in arts helps her to assert place in the world. Setting up a photographic exhibition is her dream, but would passion to art help her overcome health limitations and everyday obstacles? This short documentary film portrays a life of visually impaired photographer and obstacles she must face while developing her project. “Arty Anne” was screened at over 25 film festivals worldwide.