We have a range of HD cameras, sound recording devices, lights and other equipment to hand to face any challenge your project can present. From creating promotional videos, presentations to documentaries and adverts we have learnt that every project is unique piece of work and we will always try to come to your location beforehand to test our kit to make sure that everything is 100% for on the filming day.

Recording a voice over for your video

We can record a high quality voice over if you would like to support your video with your narrative. The voice over is a great tool to tell your story. This is completed at the video production stage and is usually done at your location.

Music by your choice

We will provide a high quality audio track to act as the backing for your video. We use a range of available on line music and sounds, but also have a portfolio of very talented music composers that can create your authentic music if required. You will the option to choose the style and type of backing track to best suit your video.