Pre Production

We offer a wide range of services from initial meeting with client to final product. There is a number of stages every project involves such as pre-production, which includes the first meeting with client, developing script, storyboard, budget and time planning. We communicate effectively to and encourage our clients to have they imprint in the final video-product.


We strive to utilize the most up to date experience and knowledge of video production together with research skills and creative software. Our equipment is 100% High Definition cameras and high standard sound recording. We believe that we can offer our clients competitive prices tailored our their budgets. Communication, time and flexibility are our strong advantages, therefore working with us is a smooth process.
We do engage with our clients and provide them with fit for purpose video to help them to improve organizational identity, communication and image through video which informs, promotes, educates and rises awareness of certain projects of products.


Founders at Pisek Film Festival

Post Production

We can help your organization to grow online via reaching target audience through a film embedded on your website and social media. Once your video is complete you have the option to review it and provide any feedback you have. We will make as many revisions as needed to ensure that you are happy with the final product. Once you are 100% happy with the video we will provide your video files in desired format.

Recording voice over

Whether you decide to support your video with your own narrative, or voice over artist, we will ensure this is recorded to the highest possible quality.

Music of your choice

We will provide a high quality audio track to act as the backing for your video. We use a range of available on line music and sounds, but also have a portfolio of very talented music composers that can create your authentic music if required. You will have the option to choose the style and type of backing track to best suit your video.