Ondrej Lodes

Ondrej's interest is in Public relations and ways which utilize PR it in video production. He graduated with 2:1 from Public relations and media at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and while developing Smart Film Production venture, he undertook MA in Creative Enterprise to allow him for a further professional development. He has become very interested in video as a medium expressing ones ideas, while working on number of national and international projects for various clients. Ondrej and Marcin met in 2011 while filming "Coming Home" film, which was their first short which tested their collaboration skills. They soon found out that they work very well as a team and this "chemistry" has been lasting ever since.

Marcin Walczak

After a nomadic youth, Marcin settled in Edinburgh where in July 2013 graduated from the Queen Margaret University with B/A (Hons) Media. Marcin’s primarily interest has been in working with people and was inspired to produce a documentary film for his dissertation project. Beside film making Marcin has always had interest in journalism and volunteered for Edinburgh based radio station where enjoyed reporting news to local community. His recent documentary "Arty Anne" has been officially selected to a number of international film festivals worldwide.