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A test filming for the live chat show organized by Caroline St Johnston and Smart Film Production in The Melting Pot took place today. We are more than happy with the results and very excited for the event. Come along;)

Can video benefit your business?

Video isn't just about cats and dogs anymore. More organizations today are turning to video to tell their story, get the word out about a new product or service and even recruit employees. How can your business benefit from video? CIO.com asked dozens of business managers, owners and video experts to find out. Here are their top eight tips for where and how to use video for business.

Life changing documentary film

Arty Anne is our recent project, which has been nominated to a number of film festivals worldwide. This documentary film portrays a life of visually impaired artist and obstacles she has been facing while developing her project. Our producer Marcin has spent over 6 months filming with Anne Digman, who successfully achieved her goal setting up her Art exhibition. The project has had an enormously positive impact on Ann’s life and helped her to develop herself and her work further. The Smart Film Production crew has been invited to the Portobello Film festival in London and International Film festival in Pisek, Czech Republic to represent our work