Anne Dignan is photographer who suffers from progressive visual impairment. Her involvement with art helps her and others to assert their place in the world. Setting up photographic exhibition is her dream, but would passion to art help her overcome health limitations and everyday-life obstacles?

Nominated to award for the best student documentary: SCREENTEST 2014
Nominated to award for the best student documentary: Fife Independent Film Expo 2015

Screened: Portobello Film Festival 2013 in London
Scerened: International Student Film Festival in Pisek 2013
Screened: Dukafest 2013
Screened: Seattle Deaf Film Festival 2014
Screened: American Online Film Awards 2014
Screened: International Student Film Festival in Rijeka 2014
Screened: 54th Zlin Film Festival 2014
Screened: Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2014
Screened: Cinefringe 2014
Screened: European Film Festival “Integration You and Me” 2014
Screened: ICKLE Fest 2014
Screened: Doc Village Festival 2014
Screened: dokumentART 2014
Screened: Just Gather Film Festival 2015
Screened: The International “Corto Helvetico al Femminile” Short Film Festival 2015
Screened: XpoNorth Film Festival 2015
Screened: Sardinia Film Festival 2015
Screened: Short Hot Flush Film Festival 2015
Screened: British Short Films Festival in Berlin 2016